Sydney Harbour Bridge by night

The Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia, is one of the most iconic bridges in the world. Connecting Sydney’s Central Business District with the northern suburbs, it’s possible to walk across the bridge, climb up one of the pylons for panoramic views of Sydney or for something more exhilarating, you can even do the Bridge Climb! Here’s a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge by night.

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Friday, September 7th, 2012 Oceania No Comments

Teapots at the Monastery in Petra

The monastery is one of the highlights of a visit to the ancient city of Petra in southern Jordan. It’s a strenuous climb up the mountain to get to the monastery but I can assure you that you’ll never forget your first glimpse of this magnificent monument once you turn the final corner. There’s a little café in the shade where you can sit back, have a cup of tea and enjoy the view!

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Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 Asia 1 Comment

Aqueduct in Lucca

The Nottolini aqueduct (named after its architect, Lorenzo Nottolini) was built in the 19th century to carry water from the springs on Monte Pisano to Lucca in the Tuscan region of Italy. With its 400 arches stretching more than 3km, it is a wondrous sight. There’s a path along the aqueduct which is great for a walk or a bike ride. Eco guide organises lovely tours in and around Lucca, including walks and bike rides along the aqueduct.




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Monday, August 20th, 2012 Europe No Comments

Naarden Vesting – the star-shaped fortress

Naarden Vesting is a small fortress town near Amsterdam. Surrounded by impressive walls and encircled by two moats, the town can trace its history back to the 14th century. The most striking feature of the town is its star shape; this is best seen from above. Today, Naarden Vesting is one of the best preserved fortress towns in Europe and is a popular attraction amongst both tourists and locals. On a recent flight from Amsterdam, the plane flew right past Naarden Vesting, offering spectacular views of the star-shaped fortress town.


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Monday, July 9th, 2012 Europe No Comments

The Corinthian columns of Jerash

Jerash is an ancient Greco-Roman city, the remains of which can be found in the town of the same name in northern Jordan. Also known as the ‘City of a Thousand Columns’, Jerash is a must-see in Jordan. Highlights in the old city include the Roman Oval, the colonnaded avenues, the Theatre, the Temples of Artemis and Zeus, and Hadrian’s Arch. I’m not sure if there are indeed a thousand columns in the city but there are many of them! The stunning Corinthian columns which are 15 meters tall are my favourites. The intricate details on the pinkish-peach coloured columns are absolutely beautiful.


The Corinthian columns of Jerash


Column details against the bright blue sky


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