Buddha at the Bayon temple

This Buddha sits serenely at the entrance of the magnificent Bayon temple, one of the many highlights in the ancient city of Angkor in Cambodia. Bayon is also known as the ‘temple of faces’ due to the 181 faces that adorn the walls and columns of the temple.

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Icefield Parkway road trip

The Canadian Rockies, with its daunting peaks, impressive glaciers, gushing rivers, aquamarine and turquoise lakes and towering pine trees, is a terrific region for scenic road trips. There are many routes to choose from but there’s one route that shouldn’t be missed: the Icefield Parkway that runs from Jasper to Banff!

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The Icefield Parkway


The rapids of the Athabasca Falls along the Icefield Parkway.



Impressive mountain scenery along the Icefield Parkway.


The Athabasca Glacier



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The best views of Positano

Positano is a small town on Italy’s stunning Amalfi coast, just south of Naples. This part of the Italian coastline is marked by steep cliffs that seemingly plunge into the depths of the turquoise Mediterranean Sea so it truly is amazing how a town could ever have been built on these precarious slopes. Positano today is a charming town with cheery pastel-coloured houses stacked atop one another. The views of the town and the sea are simply breathtaking and these two spots sure provide some of the best views from above. Imagine a room with one of these views!

Palazzo Murat

Palazzo Murat

Views of Positano from Palazzo Murat

Hotel Poseidon

The view from Hotel Poseidon

The view from Hotel Poseidon

Punta Regina


Or a glorious seaview from Punta Regina near Positano.

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The penguins at Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach is a small stretch of fine, white sand surrounded by boulders near Simon’s Town, a 30-minute drive from Cape Town. The beach, with its white sand and bright turquoise water, is absolutely stunning, but what makes this beach so unique is its colony of African penguins. These endangered penguins call the beach home and are a famous attraction in the area.

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The Grand Dame of Toronto

The Gooderham Building (or Flatiron Building) in Toronto is one of the city’s most loved icons. Many locals refer to it as the Grand Dame. This red-brick beauty was completed in 1892 and is located at the intersection of Front Street and Wellington Street, a short walk away from the famous St. Lawrence Market.

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